This book takes place in Seattle and is about a girl named Vee. She works in
high school theatre behind the curtains and helps the actors with their make-up
and costume changes. Her best friend is Sydney, a beautiful blonde, and she’s
the star of the play. Vee has a major crush on one of the actors, Matthew, and
he constantly flirts with her, but she doesn’t know if he likes her or not. One
day after the play she’s alone in one of the dressing rooms and runs into
Tommy, who works on the sets. They start talking about the online game called
Nerve, which consists of completing dares. She decides to complete a dare in
which she has to dump water on herself in a coffee shop. She asks Tommy to go
with her so he can video tape on her on the live feed with his phone. Her dare
get a lot of views and comments from random people. Matthew starts teasing her
about it and her friends start acting weird around her. Her best friend Sydney
gets upset with Vee for doing the dare, so she promises her that she won’t do
it anymore. That promise is hard for Vee to keep as Nerve starts to tempt her
with prizes on her ThisIsMe page. She registers to complete the dares and
becomes partners with a hot guy named Ian. When Sydney finds out that Vee broke
her promise she gets angry and they stop talking to each other. During the
play, when Matthew and Sydney do their kiss, it goes longer than expected and Matthew
has his hands all over her. Vee feels betrayed by Sydney because she knows that
she likes him. She starts to think that Matthew isn’t interested in her at all
because he has his eye on Sydney. Vee decides to participate in more dares and
each one gets riskier. Vee finds the dares thrilling at first as the fans cheer
them on, but eventually the game takes a drastic turn when they have to go to a
secret location with five other people to complete the ultimate dare. Now,
their lives are at stake.

If you’re looking for a great suspense thriller then this book if for you.
It had me at the edge of my seat. The game knew everything about Vee, which
made it a little creepy, but it was intense. I was hooked from the first
chapter and I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed reading this book.


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