Hanna Clark

Beautiful Woman With Straight Long Blond Hair

Who is Hanna Clark? She’s the main character in my book Masquerade of Lies. Hanna has common teenage issues that she has to deal with. It all started with her parents. Her parents used to fight all the time, putting her in the middle and making her feel like she has to take a side. All of their constant bickering made her upset, so Hanna dealt with her feelings the only way she knew how. She repeatedly cut herself. She began to look for attention in the wrong places. She started to like a boy at school. It began as an innocent crush, but turned into fatal attraction. Her parents eventually found out about her self-mutilation. With their marriage falling apart and their daughter spiraling out of control, her parents decided it was time to do family therapy. They realized therapy wasn’t working, and when they found out about what happened at school, they decided it was time for Hanna to spend some time in a mental institution. While she was there, her parents decided to get a divorce. Once Hanna was ready to be released from the mental institution, her parents thought that it was a good idea for Hanna to live with her mother. Her dad was barely around anyway, so she didn’t mind. She wasn’t proud of the things she did to herself and what transpired at school. She wanted to leave it all behind and start over, so she convinced her mom to move so she can change schools. They left Deerwood, California behind and moved to Willowdale, California and that’s when her story begins in Masquerade of Lies. If you want to read more about Hanna Clark’s past, check out her diary here.┬áHanna Clark is very timid. She’s so unsure of herself and all she wants to do is make friends and fit in at her new school. So what happens to this shy, insecure girl when she gets tangled in a murder investigation?


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