Addicted to Crime Shows

crime tape

I’ve always loved watching crime shows. I used to watch CSI all the time. I started watching the regular CSI that took place in Las Vegas. Then I got into CSI Miami. I started watching Motive and that was an awesome show, but then it got cancelled. Uh…why? I became interested in a show called Fatal Vows. It’s about spouses who kill their husband or wife. There’s another show called A Stranger  In My House about people who allow somebody they trust in their house and something sinister happens. A few months ago we purchased an android box and we love it! There’s so many crime shows to choose from! Evil Lives Here is a good one. It’s about people who live with somebody who shows signs of being evil. Another good show is Dates From Hell about people who go on dates with people who end up being evil and try to kill them. I’ll never forget this one episode I saw about a girl who was dating this guy. He seemed like a nice guy. He picked her up, they went out, they held hands and they kissed. He acted like a normal boyfriend. One night they went out to pick up dinner, and some guy was staring at her. The boyfriend got extremely jealous and started to pick a fight with the guy. Once they got back to his place they fight because he blames her for the guy looking at her. I dated a guy like that once when I was in my early twenties. He was so jealous and controlling. Thank goodness I got out of that relationship haha. Anyway, he gets in a fight with her and points a machete at her. Needless to say the girl breaks up with him. He ends up going to her house and attacking her with a machete. He cuts off her hands and stabs her in the stomach. When  her brother tries to save her he gets sliced too! Such an unforgettable episode. Now I’m watching Nightmare Next Door, about murders being committed in their neighbourhood from somebody they know.

Yep, I’m addicted to crime shows. Of course, it makes sense because I write young adult murder mystery thriller books. I’ve always been fascinated in psychology. Why makes a person commit murder? What goes through their head? Are they just evil?


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