Addicted to Crime Shows

crime tape

I’ve always loved watching crime shows. I used to watch CSI all the time. I started watching the regular CSI that took place in Las Vegas. Then I got into CSI Miami. I started watching Motive and that was an awesome show, but then it got cancelled. Uh…why? I became interested in a show called Fatal Vows. It’s about spouses who kill their husband or wife. There’s another show called A Stranger  In My House about people who allow somebody they trust in their house and something sinister happens. A few months ago we purchased an android box and we love it! There’s so many crime shows to choose from! Evil Lives Here is a good one. It’s about people who live with somebody who shows signs of being evil. Another good show is Dates From Hell about people who go on dates with people who end up being evil and try to kill them. I’ll never forget this one episode I saw about a girl who was dating this guy. He seemed like a nice guy. He picked her up, they went out, they held hands and they kissed. He acted like a normal boyfriend. One night they went out to pick up dinner, and some guy was staring at her. The boyfriend got extremely jealous and started to pick a fight with the guy. Once they got back to his place they fight because he blames her for the guy looking at her. I dated a guy like that once when I was in my early twenties. He was so jealous and controlling. Thank goodness I got out of that relationship haha. Anyway, he gets in a fight with her and points a machete at her. Needless to say the girl breaks up with him. He ends up going to her house and attacking her with a machete. He cuts off her hands and stabs her in the stomach. When  her brother tries to save her he gets sliced too! Such an unforgettable episode. Now I’m watching Nightmare Next Door, about murders being committed in their neighbourhood from somebody they know.

Yep, I’m addicted to crime shows. Of course, it makes sense because I write young adult murder mystery thriller books. I’ve always been fascinated in psychology. Why makes a person commit murder? What goes through their head? Are they just evil?


Podcast Looking for Guests!


Wendy Hinbest, the author of Masquerade of Lies,  is here with her weekly podcast, A Girl Who Craves Her Faves, and she’s looking for guests. She just can’t get enough of Teen Mom 2, the Real Housewives shows, Vanderpump Rules and Big Brother. She’s going to discuss the latest scoop and recap all the drama, so chillax and hang out! If you’re interested in being a guest on her show and want Wendy to promote anything for you on her show, contact her at or 1 (844) 356-7988.

I Love Yoga!


I’ve always loved working out. I’ve always been an active person. I remember doing the twenty-minute workout as a young girl. I used to go jogging in the morning before I went to school. I like walking, doing Hip Hop Abs and I also have Cize.

Shortly after I gave birth to our fifth child I started suffering from dizziness. I wasn’t dizzy all the time. Most of the time I was okay, but sometimes I got dizzy and would have to lie down. I was breastfeeding at the time, so I figured that was the reason. So I started drinking more water because I thought I wasn’t drinking enough. I started taking multivitamins. The dizzy spells got better, but they didn’t go away. I decided to go to the doctor. I got blood work done and everything came back fine. My doctor referred me to an ear, nose and throat specialist because he thought maybe the problem could be my ears. My hearing is fine and everything is okay. He suggested I try yoga. My best friend does hot yoga and she loves it, so I decided to give it a try. I went to the mall and bought a yoga video so I can start doing yoga in the morning before getting our kids up. I bought a beginner video because I’ve never done yoga before. My husband wanted to do yoga too, so we started doing yoga in the morning together. We love yoga! My dizziness is pretty much gone and my balance has improved. My husband has a pain in his shoulder. When we started doing yoga it got a little better. It’s not completely gone, but it hurts less. I get anxious sometimes, but ever since I started doing yoga I’ve been more relaxed. Doing yoga helps you sleep better too. I’m ready to move on from beginner yoga. Namaste!

Would You Stay With a Cheater?


One of my favourite shows is Vanderpump Rules. In fact, I talk about it on my podcast, A Girl Who Craves Her Faves.The reason I decided to write about this is because of what’s happening on Vanderpump Rules. Katie and Schwartz are getting married and they fight all the time. The root of the problem could be that Schwartz cheated on Katie with a girl in Vegas. He says he never slept with her, but he made out with her. That doesn’t make any difference to me, cheating is cheating in my book. Anyway, they all get into a big fight about it because Katie wants Schwartz to admit that he did more than just make out with the girl in Vegas. Would it matter if he did? She knows he cheated on her and she’s still prepared to marry him. If my fiance cheated on me I wouldn’t marry him. If he’s capable of cheating on me while we’re engaged, what is he capable of doing while we’re married?

Why do people cheat? In my opinion, men and women cheat for different reasons. Usually, women cheat because of lack of emotional intimacy or affection. Maybe she feels disconnected from her partner. She might feel like he doesn’t care about her feelings. She might want her partner to hold her hand or snuggle with her on the couch a little more. Maybe she doesn’t feel appreciated for everything she does. I think men cheat because they’re not sexually satisfied. There could be other reasons, like they’re bored in the relationship or they just want to feel appreciated. I heard a guy say once that guys don’t usually cheat with a better looking girl. In fact, he said that guys usually cheat with a girl less attractive than their partner. I don’t know if that’s true though. He also said men cheat for emotional reasons too. Maybe they need to feel wanted by somebody else.

In the end, nobody really knows why people cheat. It could be for a number of different reasons. I don’t understand why people cheat. If you’re not happy in your relationship, then don’t be in it. Would you stay with somebody who cheated on you?



I’m a Real Housewives Junkie!


What can I say? I’m a Real Housewives junkie. Back in 2008 I started watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and I was hooked. I got caught up with all the drama. I’m looking forward to season 12. Apparently, Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, Kely Dodd, Shannon Beador and Lydia McLaughlin will be returning, but Heather Dubrow and Meghan King Edmonds will not. My favourite housewife is Tamra because she tells it like it is. I don’t mind Vicki but I think she’s a drama queen. I really like her daughter, Briana, though. Housewives have come and go but Vicki is an original cast member.

Then I started watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I love Lisa Vanderpump. She’s so funny and she doesn’t take crap from anybody. Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio seem to have a good marriage. There were rumors last year about Mauricio having an affair, but it wasn’t true. I really like Erika Girardi aka Erika Jayne because she’s nice, but she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

I look forward to The Real Housewives of Atlanta Sunday nights. I pretty much like all the ladies, but I think Phaedra is fake. I wish Nene Leakes would come back. She’s so funny! Apparently, Kim Zolciak will be making an appearance. I really enjoyed The Real Housewives of Vancouver. There was only one season and I don’t think it’s coming back, so I’m disappointed. I started watching The Real Housewives of New York and I enjoy it. There’s a new housewife joining the cast named Tinsley Mortimer. Jules and her husband Michael are going through a messy divorce. I don’t think she’s coming back but I don’t know for sure. I wonder how Luann and her new husband Tom are doing? At the end of the last season Bethenny told her that Tom had cheated on her just days before the engagement party. The Real Housewives of Dallas caught my attention and I watched the whole first season. Apparently, season two is coming this year, but Tiffany Hendra won’t be back. The first season of The Real Housewives of Potomac was good and season two starts in April. I’m on season seven of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and there’s so much drama! Love it! The Real Housewives of Toronto is coming March 7th and I can’t wait!

I Can’t Believe Who Killed Wes!


I love watching television. I’m also a mother of five and an author. I’m currently working on my second YA novel, Sin of Darkness. I have my own weekly podcast, A Girl Who Craves Her Faves, where I recap all the drama on my favourite shows. I ‘m starting another weekly podcast, Willowdale, which will be a fictional thriller. Three of our children are in school and I stay home with our two little ones. I cook, clean and do homework with my children. Yes, I am a very busy woman, but I always make time for my shows.

I absolutely love How to Get Away With Murder! It was on Thursday nights and the season three finale was last week. So this show takes place in Philadelphia and it’s about a law professor named Annalise Keating and five of her students Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone and Laurel Castillo. Annalise and her students get twisted in a murder plot. Annalise becomes involved with a police detective named Nate. Connor starts dating Oliver, who eventually starts working for Annalise and becomes involved in all the madness.

In Season three, Wes dies in a fire and it isn’t an accident. Somebody sets the house on fire and makes sure that Wes goes up in flames with it. Apparently, Annalise asks each of the five students to meet her at the house. Unfortunately, Laurel’s in the house when it blows up. She’s rushed to the hospital where she finds out she’s pregnant with Wes’s baby. Annalise is convicted for killing Wes and goes to jail. Bonnie tries really hard to prove that Annalise is innocent. Frank decides to tell the police that he did it so the charges will be dropped against Annalise. He tells police that he was the last person to be seen with Wes and has a video to prove it. So they arrest Frank but Annalise remains in jail because the police think they were engaged in the crime together. Annalise ends up getting out on bail. I had my suspicions about Bonnie because she always had a guilty look on her face. I never thought it was Frank because that would be too obvious. Then I thought maybe Connor killed Wes because he tried so hard to pin it on Annalise. Not to mention the fact that he was in the house before it blew up and he lied about being there. Plus, he didn’t like Wes very much. Turns out he went to the house and found Wes unconscious and performed CPR. When Laurel finds out she snaps. Laurel becomes very emotional and is convinced that Charles Mahoney is involved. She comes up with a plan for Michaela to seduce him at a bar, but Michaela changes her mind because she realizes that she loves Asher. At the end of the episode we find out that it was Laurel’s dad who got a family friend to kill Wes! Wow! I can’t wait for season four!